How to Make Mango Juice for Business Recipe


 Mango Juice Recipe 

Hello R&D heroes  this is Recipanda , Today we will write about how to make mango juice for business.

There are three types of mango juice for commercial production:

  1. Mango drink recipe.
  2. Mango nectar recipes.
  3. Mango juice recipes.

Mango Juice Recipe

Let's start first with mango drink recipe:

in general mango juice is the most popular flavor consumed daily in the world especially Alphonso mango juice, so we will give you the secret of mango juice  for Business.

mango drink recipe

Mango Drink Recipe Index BOM:

Item Description Recipe Q Unit
1 Mango Concentrate 28% 35.8 g
2 Treated Water 854 g
3 Sucrose 125 g
4 Citric Acid 2 g
5 Ascorbic Acid 0.2 g
6 Mango flavor Recommended dose g
7 Beta Carotene Color 0.07 g
8 CMC 2.5 g

Mango Drink Recipe BOM

Notes on the mango drink recipe index bill of materials:

  1. The percentage of fruit in the mango drink should not be less than 10% or as per your country's legislation .
  2. It is preferred to use treated water (TDS < 500).
  3. Ascorbic Acid is added as antioxidant.
  4. Citric Acid is added as acidity regulator.
  5. The flavor dose is based on flavor strength and your organoleptic evaluation.

Mango Drink Recipe Specifications:

Brix Acidity pH Viscosity
13 - 13.3 0.20 - 0.23 3.5 - 4 40 - 60

Mango Drink Recipe Specifications

Mango Nutrition Facts:

the following table shows mango juice calories and other important values such as carbohydrates and vitamins but as mango drink recipe.

mango juice calories nutrition facts FDA

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