Recipanda Story Explained in Fewer than 300 Words!

Recipanda Story....

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Once there was a difficulty in providing information to the student and junior Engineer about Research & Development  in food where I have a lot of experience in this field based on the big challenges I faced while working in a large companies from R&D specialist to innovation consultant.

Every day i was searching for a way to help me reach a lot of students and junior engineer to help them learn and acquire guidelines for success in their career journey and build my business online as consulting service in the food and beverage industry. 

Until one day I found Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program from Udacity which offers an integrated training program from the beginning to professionalism and many of my close friends have recommended it to me .

Because of that I joined the challenger track to learn more about digital marketing and participate in their community and Facebook group to discuss with others students and mentor about the program benefit and how do I get the most out of the course? . Because of that I was started to learn more and more  from online source and read articles from websites and social media and explored the freelancer platform and after I success in  udacity challenger program  and joined the professional track. 

Until then I created my blog on blogger as free host and I buy a paid domain name to enhance my business  and wrote about my experience and  the value I will add to the  food innovation content on the internet and how I would teach my target audience to be successful and then teach them the secret of the food industry.

Ever since then I have been successful to publish great posts and reaching  people who are  interested in my blog.

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