Is Coconut Water Good For You To Drink Every Day


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Why Drink Coconut Water? 

Energy drinks like Red Bull were the new scope 20 years ago. Today, coconut water is a fast-growing  new category, with global retail sales already above 450$ million, thanks to its strong isotonic, hypo allergenic and all-natural health benefits.

A naturally nutritious drink, coconut water is the clear liquid found in green coconuts ( not to be confused with coconut milk, which derived from the meat of the coconut – but the terms are loose).

Coconut Water Good For You

Coconut water  is now trend in the US and is a popular drink in Brazil thanks to the athletes and celebrities who support this innovation.

Known as agua de coco in Latin America and nariyal pani in India, sales of coconut drink in Brazil are worth more than 300$ million a year* and have exceeded that of orange juice.

In Brazil, the beverage is so ubiquitous it’s packaged with light menus at fast food restaurants like MCDonals’s.

*Source: Merrill Lynch

Coconut Water Brands

The category initially launched in the US in the natural foods channel circa 2005 (Whole Foods now stocks the 3 major brands nationally – Vita Coco, O.N.E., and Zico).

Coconut Water Brands

Category Leader in USA 60% market share

Flavour Variants:

Original / Pineapple/ Tangerine / Passion Fruit / Acai and Pomegranate / Peach and Mango.

 Madonna has invested 1.5$ million in Vita Coco; other investors include Matthew McConaughey, Demi Moore and Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis.


Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water Daily 

Appeal to health-conscious consumers

  •     It’s a natural beverage that needs no additions, not even a sweetener.
  •     It’s hypo-allergenic, a key benefit in a world in which consumers are becoming more concerned about avoiding one or more of the eight major allergens
  •     It is an isotonic drink described by  the UN as “ the fluid of life” that offers the same benefits as sports drinks but has the advantage of being natural.
Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water Daily

Coconut Water Recipe

there is no secret in its formula, the main content is water from tender coconut and some companies add ascorbic acid and natural flavors.

coconut water recipes drink content

Coconut Water Nutritional Value

We will figure out the nutritional content based on vita coco owner  declared on their packaging.

coconut water nutritional value per 100g

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