Recipe For Speculaas Cookies Formula

Welcome to an interesting new trend about a recipe for speculaas cookies, we will show what is speculoos and how it has become a trend in the whole world, how to develop speculoos formula and what is the famous brand. Here we go!

Recipe For Speculaas Cookies

What Is Speculaas?

Speculoos is a type of biscuit, traditionally consumed on or just before St Nicholas’ feats (on December the 6th) in the Netherlands, Belgium and Northern France. Nowadays, it has spread all over the world and is appreciated on any occasion.

Speculoos Meaning

There are several interpretations for the origin of the name Speculaas.
It is said to derive from the Latin word "speculator", and this word refers to St Nicholas’ epithet “he who sees everything”

The short-crust biscuit “ who sees everything”

What Is Speculaas

Lotus & Speculaas Buzz

“Speculoos has become a new culinary basic” Thierry Roose, Marketing director Lotus Bakeries France.

Lotus & Speculaas Buzz

The speculaas is particularly used in Belgium, France and more recently the Netherlands. Still, the number of products launched on the US Market is slowly rising.
In France, Within five years, Lotus gained 2.3 million new consumers. Lotus sales jumped in 2011

Speculaas Brands and Forms

Speculaas invites itdelf to dinner... From appetizers to desserts

Goats cheese parcels with speculoos
Goats cheese parcels with speculoos

Lamb tagine with speculoos
Lamb tagine with speculoos

Speculaas Sabayon
Speculaas Sabayon

The family-owned Biscuit Dandoy has perpetuated a unique craftsmanship in the production of traditional Belgian specialties for 180 years.

Biscuit Dandoy Speculoos

Dandy biscuits are made with natural ingredients.

Recipe For Speculaas Cookies - Biscuits Formula BOM

Item Description Recipe Q / ton Unit
1 Flour 436.00 Kg
2 Corn Starch 23.20 Kg
3 Palm Oil 261.60 Kg
4 Icing Sugar 145.00 Kg
5 Candy Sugar Syrup 116.20 Kg
6 Sodium Bicarbonate 6.00 Kg
7 Baking Powder 5.00 Kg
8 Speculoos Flavour 5.00 (or Recomm. dose) Kg
9 Cinnamon Powder 1.00 Kg
10 Cardamom 1.00 Kg

speculaas recipe

Alternative Speculaas Recipe 

Item Description Recipe Q / ton Unit
1 Flour 434.5 Kg
2 Corn Starch 23.2 Kg
3 Palm Oil 261.6 Kg
4 Icing Sugar 145 Kg
5 Candy Sugar Syrup 116.2 Kg
6 Salt 1.5 Kg
7 Baking Powder 6 Kg
8 Speculoos Flavour 6.00 (or Recomm. dose) Kg
9 Cinnamon Powder 6 Kg
10 Cardamom 1 Kg

1- You can use the ready-made Candy Sugar Syrup or make it yourself.
2- Speculoos Flavour is a mixture of spices, and you can replace the flavor by making your own speculaas spice mix recipe.
3- you can replace palm oil with another vegetable oils like soy bean oil, sunflower oil and canola oil.

recipes with speculoos

Mixing Instructions:
  1. Mix the palm oil and the sugar
  2. Add the flavour
  3. Mix the powders, and add it to the previous blend then add the candy sugar syrup
  4. Keep in the fridge one hour
  5. Cook 20 minutes at 150°C on greasy plates

Belgian Candi Sugar Recipe

Ingredient Quantity (Kg)
Water 375
Sugar 625

Speculoos Cookies Nutrition Facts

Speculoos Cookies Nutrition Facts

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